Evaluating Window Efficiency | A Homeowner's Guide

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Evaluating Window Efficiency | A Homeowner's Guide

31 August 2015
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Your home can be one of the most well-insulated places, with layers of heavy insulation in the walls and overhead, but of your windows are not up to par, all of this work to keep the interior of your home energy efficient can be chalked up to a waste of time. As a homeowner, making sure that your windows are up-to-date and energy efficient could be one of the most intelligent choices that you make. If you are unsure of whether your windows do a good job of keeping energy costs down, there are a few simple things you can do to test the efficiency of what you have. 

Look for Condensation On and Around Your Windows 

If the temperatures outside are frigid, but the inside of your home is warm and toasty, you may think that condensation showing up on your windows is just a normal thing. However, if your windows are as energy efficient as they should be, you will find no condensation, either on the glass or around the window frame. Many homeowners assume that a little condensation is no big deal, but what it shows is that the windows are not as thermally sound as they should be, or that they are allowing cold temperatures to pass through to the inner glass. Modern replacement windows are less likely to have issues with thermal transference because they usually boast glazing that deters temperature exchange through the glass. 

Stand In Front of Your Windows and Feel for Heat

One of the easiest evaluation methods for windows is to test for UV protection by standing in front of your window on a sunny day. You should be able to see the light, but you should not feel the excessive heat on your skin. If standing in front of your window and soaking up sunshine means that your skin starts to feel hot, you could benefit from adding replacement windows that offer UV protection. This heat that you feel can make it harder for you to cool your home and it can even mean damage to the home's interior and furnishings. 

The windows that you have in your home may not look like they need to be replaced, but in a lot of cases, it takes more than a simple look to see a need for replacement windows with modern features. If you suspect that your home's windows are not as energy efficient as they should be, talk to a professional window company, like window repair with Ace Glass Inc, for more information.