Tips To Remove Old Wallpaer From Your Walls

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Tips To Remove Old Wallpaer From Your Walls

7 March 2016
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If you want to do some remodeling in your home and have decided to add new wallpaper to the walls, then you will need to complete the task of removing the old paper first. This task is often a daunting one, especially if you just start scraping away at the paper. Wallpaper will typically not release from the wall in full sheets, but you can remove it fairly easily with the tips below.

Wet The Paper

Most types of wallpaper, other than pure paper varieties, are constructed out of water-resistant materials or they are covered with a coating that protects them from water damage. Most wallpapers are either constructed out of vinyl or acrylic or they are coated with these materials. Underneath the vinyl lies a piece of paper. This paper is not resistant to water, and soaking the material will help to force the wallpaper from the wall underneath. To reach this paper, you will need to create holes in the wallpaper. To do this, use a razor blade to create long horizontal cuts along the wallpaper. Start at the ceiling and create cuts from wall to wall that are about six inches apart. 

Once the openings are created, fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the openings generously with the fluid. Wait about an hour for the water to seep underneath the wallpaper and spray the wall again. Start at the top of the wall and use a putty knife to gently pull up the wallpaper. Use your fingers to pull the paper away from the wall in long strips. If the wallpaper starts to dry in the process, spritz it with water until the job is finished.

Use A Steamer

Some vinyl covered wallpapers, like waterproof varieties meant for the bathroom, will sometimes resist water removal methods due to thicker layers of vinyl across the top. If you find that your wallpaper is not lifting up from the wall, then you will need to use steam to melt the glue behind the wallpaper. The paper can then be ripped from the wall immediately afterward. Since the wallpaper must be released before the glue can solidify again, it is wise to ask a friend to strip away the paper as you use the steamer.

You should rent a steamer from your local home store and fill the reservoir with water. You will need to allow the steamer to boil the water so that steam can release, so use this time to secure your protective goggles and gloves. This is necessary because steam will be released at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Afterwards, score the wall with a razor blade like you would if you were using the water method. Work in two foot sections and release steam along the cuts as your partner forces the paper off the wall with a putty knife. 

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