The Value Of An Outdoor Shower

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The Value Of An Outdoor Shower

27 March 2016
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If you have a swimming pool or just a family who spends lots of time outdoors working or playing in the dirt, you may have considered adding an outdoor shower to your home. Doing so provides you with some excellent benefits that can make your life easier and cleaner while adding interest to the outside of your home.


A variety of designs exists for these showers, ranging from the most basic to an enclosure that adds a decorative element to your home. You can have a very simple wooden enclosure with a concrete floor and one simple shower spout, or you can add an element of luxury. For instance, by installing attractive opaque glass on one side of your shower, you can enjoy the outdoor sunlight while still maintaining your privacy. Also, you can install opaque glass in the windows near your shower area to keep things bright inside your home while keeping the showerer out of everyone's sight line. Contact companies like Hartwell's Glass & Mirror Co Ltd for more information on the design of your new shoer.

Planning a more elaborate structure means you should consult an architect or experienced contractor before you decide on a plan. You can make your outdoor shower as inviting as your indoor one by using more sophisticated fixtures and even tile on the walls and floor.


If you have a swimming pool, the need for an outdoor shower is obvious. It is simply more sanitary for your family and guests to rinse off before diving in. Also, an outdoor shower allows everyone to clean off the chlorine or other chemicals once they are done. When you have a pool party, you do not want everyone jumping into your interior bathrooms to rinse off.

Also, if you have children, an outdoor shower can help protect your carpets and walls from some serious ground in dirt. Your little baseball or soccer players can scrub off their grime before they enter your just-cleaned home. Even adults who work on the land will appreciate an outdoor shower in the summertime to eliminate sweat and soil before they face their family members. 


If you have dogs, you know how difficult it is to bathe them without coating your home with water and hair. In fact, you may let them get rather stinky and dirty rather than face dunking them in the tub. An outdoor shower allows you to join them in a thorough scrub and simply wash the evidence away.

If you live in a warm climate, you can use an outdoor shower all year long, but even in other areas of the country, an outdoor shower is useful. After all, spring and summer are the months when everyone is outside more soaking up the sun and getting thoroughly dirty. An outdoor shower can simplify and beautify your life while keeping it cleaner.