Don't Void Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy By Fixing A Broken Window Yourself

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Don't Void Your Homeowner's Insurance Policy By Fixing A Broken Window Yourself

9 May 2016
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If a window in your home breaks, it may be tempting to repair the glass yourself in order to save some money. Doing so, however, could void your homeowner's insurance policy. If you have a broken window, here's how to find out whether you can make the repair yourself -- or if you need to call a professional glass repair company.  

Check Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

According to Scott Saxton, many insurance policies won't cover glass that wasn't repaired by a professional. If you try to fix the broken glass yourself, your insurer has no way of knowing whether the repair was properly made -- and, therefore, they might not be willing to insure it. There are two ways to find out whether your insurer will cover glass that you repair.

You can read the fine print of your homeowner's insurance policy yourself. If your policy doesn't cover glass that you repair yourself, there will be language in the fine print of your policy that makes this clear. In theory, you should be able to find the relevant statements yourself.

The fine print of insurance policies is often confusing, though. If you're befuddled by the terms and conditions that govern your policy, you can call your insurance agent. (This is also an option if you don't want to take the time to wade through all of your policy's paperwork.) They'll be able to read through the policy for you and tell you whether repairing glass yourself would void any of your insurance coverage.  

Find a Professional Glass Repair Service

If your policy doesn't cover glass that you repair yourself, you'll need to hire a professional company. Even though this will likely cost more than making the fix yourself, hiring a company is worth the cost because you'll keep your insurance coverage.

Before you search for a glass repair company to hire, you should first ask your insurance company what qualifications the person who makes the repair must have. Your insurer might have a list of specific companies they work with, or they might have other requirements that the repair company must meet. You'll want to know about these requirements before you hire a company, so you can find one that meets your insurer's standards.

When a window in your home breaks, don't rush to make the repair yourself. Consider your insurance coverage first, and find out if you need to hire a professional glass repair company (such as Sarnia Glass Ltd) to fix the broken glass. If you don't review your insurance policy and make the repair yourself, any future claims may be invalid because the policy could be voided.